“You are the form of light, find your source” – Sri Guru Amardas Jee

Jyoti Saroop Foundation

Sharing Light

Jyoti Saroop means ‘The Form of Light’ or ‘The Lighthouse’. We’re inviting people to share ideas and thoughts to illuminate the world because, for us, this is sharing light.

Our Vision

The Sikh Faith is one of the most daring ‘ideas’ in the universe. It self-professes to challenge its followers to pursue a path ‘sharper than a blade’ and ‘finer than a hair’. Possibly, what makes it so unique (and dangerous), is its’ open embrace of the spiritual and temporal. We call this Miri-Piri.

Today the world needs renewable, sustainable solutions. Ideas are not created – Ideas are revealed. The human race is the finest instrument of creation, designed for the advancement of evolution. We believe people of faith, any faith, are catalysts of change.

Jyoti Saroop Foundation is a platform to spread light by sharing ideas, thoughts and opinions, illuminated by faith.

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